Awesome is the word for it!


Wow! I just discovered an amazing application for teachers. It facilitates everyday life, it saves time and energy, and it makes the teacher save paper.

 is an application that can be used on Apple devices (Ipad, Iphone, Ipod) and also on Windows 8. It is free to use.

Teacher kit allows the teacher to follow the progress of his/her class during the whole year. On the main page, you can see all your different classes. You can have an infinite number of classes, but if you have too many it can take time to load and even crash (see comments on Itunes).


Once you have created your class, you can see the positioning of your students in the classroom; change the orientation and the setting of your classroom. You can also decide of the classroom setting yourself or let the application sort students by their first name, last name or grades. When you click on a student, you can see his/her personal information, his/her attendance ratio, behaviors note and his/her grade.  If ever you have a hard time remembering your students’ name, you can take a picture of them for attendance purposes.class





It is easy to take attendance for every period. Just select “Attend all” and then click on students who are absent. You can also know how many times a student was absent during the year, or if, for example, he/she attended the third-class activity. An exclamation mark appears near their name when students miss classes.

In this section, you can add notes about each student’s behavior with the date. A number appears by the student’s picture when bad comments are recorded. The number corresponds to the number of bad behaviors observed. This tool makes report cards easier to fill in, since all notes on students are kept in one tidy place.

Within the gradebook section, you can add all the tests you will give during the year. You also enter the properties of the test, and at the end, it calculates the total grade for you.  It also gives the letter (grade) associated with the final mark. You can also classify students’ grades by alphabetical order or by strength. The application even calculates the average for you

Something that is really nice is that you can export data from the application and send them by email so you can have access to it through other devices.  You can also send private messages to parents about their children’s behavior or grades or to the student themselves to remind them of incoming event, assignment, etc.

Many teachers around the world use and appreciate TeacherKit to follow their class progression. If ever you have a hard time using it for the first time, you can take a look at this tutorial.


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