Storybird – source of motivation and creativity

storybirdAt some point in the learning process of a student, motivation tends to run away and there are only a few teachers who can avoid this situation. Many teachers fail to motivate their students to learn. It is even harder for a language teacher to motivate student to something that he/she cannot see his progress right away. Storybird is a good tool to use in language classrooms, either for the students’ first or second language. It is really easy to use.
Story-Bird (1)

Storybird is very helpful to language learners since it allows the learner to create stories as well as read stories created by other members all around the world. For a student in an ESL classroom, having the students write their own story helps create a positive atmosphere. It is interesting because students can use the images provided in the application for inspiration and learn through a creative process.  Using storybird leads to social reinforcement because other students can add feedbacks to the stories which, at the same time, increases participation of students.Storybird_editor (1)

If the stories are made in class and the students are so proud of their stories that they want to show them to their family, they can easily share or print them. It is also possible to raise funds by selling the students’ book created on Storybird.


ejy63csm55 bubble1Storybird provides a great source of inspiration to the students since they can read stories on many subjects. Even those who do not want to write can do it.



Also, what is really nice for a teacher is that creating an account per student for the whole class is simple. Storybird gives many opportunities to teachers. One of these is that they can easily give private feedback to their student. It is also easy to grade the students’ work. Stories created with Storybird are short, which means that younger students are able to use this tool. Students are even able to see many stories per class. It gives the teacher enough time to verify the understanding of his/her students before moving on to another story.  Storybird helps teachers to think up new activities and projects for his/her class.

Another reason why a language teacher should use storybird in their class is that it is free (basic version) and accessible. There are, of course, rules to follow, and which the students have to follow too. By the end of the year, if a student really did not appreciate the application, he can always delete his/her account.

Genevieve Pacada, a 4th grade teacher and a graduate of Full Sail University with a Masters degree in Science in Education Media Design and Technology, encountered some difficulties but overall she finds Storybird to be a very useful tool to use in her classes.



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