What a nice tool to keep track of your students’ level. Indeed, tricider is a website to create surveys in which you can make sure your students’ knowledge is up to date. It is great to help them notice theirs misgivings.tricider1

Tricider for educational purpose is a survey creator with which you can create question on any topic you want. There may be many answers to the questions. You can easily share the survey with your students through email, facebook, twitter and linkedin. tricider

Even easier would be creating a secret facebook group for you and your student so that you can share your survey on a facebook wall (which I think is the easiest option).

You can even use this tool to get ideas about what the next activities you could do in your class should be.tricider2

You ask your students what they would like to do and let them suggest their ideas on the survey. They can add pros and cons to each idea and then vote for their favorite choice. You can also add a deadline to the survey which means you end the survey a couple of days before the class so you can have time to prepare the most popular activity properly. It is a great tool for brainstorms.

Surveys can be turned into contest and reward can be added to motivate the students to answers, but using the contest mode on the website only allows 20 participants for free. If you really want to add a contest part to the survey, you can do that part by hand.

All basic feature are free to use, but if you want your survey to be free of any advertising, you have to pay. You would also have to pay if you wanted to turn your survey into a contest for more than 20 participants.

A lot of teachers (or future teachers) appreciate this tool. Some of them think it saves time, some others say that it is very simple to use. The nice part of this tool is that it can also be used in other parts of life.

If you are not sure about using this tool, you can watch this video or even try it yourself.


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