Youtube and cie.

In this day and age, who does not know how useful Youtube can be? When you want to illustrate a point with a video or when you want your students to do a fill-in-the-blank activity with a song, youtube is a very practical website. In fact, you can find videos, reviews, songs… of virtually anything that suits your needs. You want to teach your students about the solar system, you can show them this video until minute 1.20. This fact is especially useful for teachers, since using youtube in class can show students that this site can be used for other purposes than watching some insignificant jackass or prank videos.

As a teacher, you can also create and publish your own educational videos on youtube so that his/her students can watch them from home. It can be a video to clarify a subject that your students did not understand during class time or even a new subject for students who are faster and who want to learn more.

How many time have we seen a teacher looking for the specific second where to start a video. It is exhausting for both the teacher and his/her students. An amazing tool to use with youtube if you want to save time looking for specific parts of a video you want to show to your students is Tubechop. Tubechop is a tool to be used in order to select only a part of some video you want to share. It saves time during class time, it is very easy to use, and it is free. Why not use it then? You can divide a video into many parts and show these parts to your students one at a time. This way, students get to see the meat, and you get to skip the fluff. For example, here is the video I linked earlier, but chopped as I wanted it to be. A disadvantage is that if the video is too long, it is difficult to cut at the exact second you want it to.

How many times have we waited after a video to download? Too many. You want to download your youtube video into your computer in order to embed it easily into a presentation? Just add pwn in front of the youtube url (Be careful to take off the “s” for secure sites (https))! This will bring you to a download site where you can pick the type of file you want for your video download. You can also save as MP3, thus only keeping the audio.


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